Saturday, 4 August 2012

Magical Malta.

Howde Folks,

Sofia and Donald here. We enjoyed sharing the Madeira experience with you, but it's time to fasten those seatbelts, sit back, watch the inflight movie and enjoy the cuisine on board as we take a short flight to Malta.

Malta is a Mediterranean island and Lady M's second favourite. There are no prizes for guessing her favourite island and we will be there next week. She has spent many happy hours here and usually at the Fortina Hotel in Sliema, overlooking the capital, Valletta. Remember the time she spent Christmas and New Year here and learned to use chopsticks? If not, look through the archives.

Told you we would get her holiday pictures, Donald! Anyway, here's some more information about the island.
Malta is in the E.U and has the Euro as its currency. It is the largest of three islands, (Malta, Gozo and Comino); it is only 95 square miles and is situated just south of the island of Sicily. It is also positioned between Europe and Africa. Everyone speaks the Maltese language, Malti although most also speak English and Italian.
Malta became a Christian (Roman Catholic) island after St Paul was shipwrecked there in AD 60. There are churches in abundance.
Mdina is about 7 miles from Valletta, the present capital, on a high position at the centre part of the island. It is a fortified city and was the first capital of Malta (Melita). Now, it is known as the 'silent city'. The entrance into this ancient city is through one of two main gates (Mdina or Greek) both dating from 1724. Once inside, the city holds many surprises along its quiet, narrow streets including a palace, now a museum and a cathedral. Near the gates of Mdina lies Rabat, a Roman villa and museum.
Moving toward the coast, there are many beautiful bays and also Popeye village. It was constructed for the filming of Popeye and is now a tourist attraction. Then heading towards the north west of the island there are St Paul's islands where, according to legend, he was shipwrecked and came ashore.
Malta also has beautiful horse-drawn carriages known as karrozin which will take visitors on tours of the cities.
Just a taste for you folks.... enjoy and


                All my love, Sofia!

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