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Howde Folks,

Donald and I are still here. Lady M is busy rereading all about us. Frantically, looking for mistakes. She hopes you've had a great week and enjoyed reading about my little stroll along the equator. Now, we are going to give you our last extract from this book. Donald and I like this one. We went downstairs and Donald took a very active part. It's just a pity Miranda didn't hear him. It could have saved her so, so, so much grief. Next week, I'll be moving on to talk about the new book.


Sofia went up to the attic room where Jack was crawling round the floor and Billy was more like a proud father than sibling.

“Look Mum, he’ll be walking soon.”

“You’re doing a grand job. I’m proud of you. Miranda and Charles are getting married today. Are you coming down to watch? Sophie’s a bridesmaid and Donny a pageboy.”

“No, I’ll stay here. You have a good time. Maybe soon we’ll do something together again Mum, the theatre or bowling.”

“That’ll be nice. How about when I come back? Your grandmother will look after him.”

“Yes, fine. Bowling.”

“Okay, bowling it is when I return.”

She left him and joined Donald and Scott. The three of them were occupying the back seats in the room at the Register Office when Charles and Miranda arrived closely followed by the twins, Mr Santa, M. Frosty, Derek and Aristotle. Miranda was carrying a small bouquet of red roses, the rest of them had a white carnation in their button holes and Sophie had one pinned to her dress.

“They don’t look much like a wedding party? In fact they look lost in this room; how many does it hold?” Sofia looked around at the sixty odd empty chairs, plush red carpet, velvet curtains and floral decorations on the windowsills. “About sixty and all this beautiful d├ęcor totally wasted on this occasion.”

“Well let’s face it; he doesn’t really want to marry her does he?”

They moved toward the table in the room. Charles and Miranda stood at the front with the registrar while Derek, Aristotle and the twins sat on the chairs. Mr Santa and Mr Frosty shared a chair between Donny and Sophie.

The registrar, an elderly gentleman, started the proceedings by welcoming them all and was clearly amused by the extra and unusual guests; he gave them a special mention,

“…and ladies and gentleman I would like to extend a warm welcome to our two additional guests today,” he stared at them and smiled much to Donny and Sophie’s delight.

He continued with the civil ceremony until he reached the part where he asked if anyone knew of any reason why these two people should not be married. He looked toward the door at what he thought was an empty room. Donald stood up and shouted,

“Me; he doesn’t love her, he doesn’t want to marry her; he’s a gold-digger after my money. She’s still married to me. I love her and I always will. Miranda don’t do it.”

“Sit down Donald. You know they can’t hear you.”

“I know Scott but it was worth one last try. If Miranda could hear me and perhaps if she has doubts.”

“You know her head is in the clouds. There’s a physical attraction between them and he’s overwhelmed her with promises of home, money, holidays and a lifestyle he has no intentions of giving her.”

Miranda did hear something but thought she had imagined hearing Donald’s voice shouting about a gold-digger and that was the last thing C.U. was and anyway Donald would want her to be happy and she was happier now than she had been since his death.

The service continued until they exchanged rings. Charles had bought two matching platinum ones cheaply from an auction site on the Net; Miranda had only given him her ring size and had not seen the beautiful expensive looking one which he had selected specifically for her until now. Her eyes almost popped out of her head; like everything else from Charles it was the best and probably from the top jeweller in town. Oh Miranda! Then the registrar uttered those immortal words, “I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride.”

Charles gave his new bride a short peck on the cheek; he was too busy counting the days to April 1st to kiss her properly. Only forty-five to go; “Operation Miranda wealthy widow” was going to be a complete success.

Derek, who had remained remarkably quiet all day stood up and moved forward to shake C.U.’s hand,

“Welcome to the family,” and keep smiling he told himself. Then proceeded to kiss Miranda on the cheek and wish her happiness.

Aristotle followed Derek shouting “kali tiki, kali tiki, good luck, good luck. Now, we will all enjoy delicious food, with music and dancing. I have invited the Greek dancers to the restaurant especially for you. Come. Come.”

Donny and Sophie followed with Mr Santa and Mr Frosty, both like their comfort toys remained silent but they hoped that life would not change too much and that their aunt would stay in the house for as long as possible.

Miranda was truly in seventh heaven or wherever it is you go when you did not think life could get any better than this. Everyone, well all six of them were smiling and thinking about the sumptuous feast which was going to follow. They left the building and the excited Miranda said to herself, “I’m Mrs. Urquart-Latterley.”
 So, if the extracts over the last weeks have whetted your appetite. . .

There's still time to read the first two books, LOOK AFTER EACH OTHER and SOFIA'S LEGACY. Simply send a message on the comments, or they are available from Amazon, other online retailers and good book shops. Don't want to buy them? Borrow them from your local library
before. . .

 Coming soon... LOVE YOU FOREVER,
"It's been 5 years since Sofia died, and she and the other spirits "upstairs" continue and watch the dramatic events and devastating consequences that unfold on the earthly plane. This is book 3 in the Sofia Trilogy."

Have a great week.

Love, Sofia! (and Donald)



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