Friday, 23 June 2017

Are you superstitious?

Hello Everyone,

A black cat belonging to a neighbour frequently pops into my garden and walks across the paving stones. I watch and think, isn't this supposed to be lucky? Am I a superstitious person? Not sure!

What is superstition?
The 'Reader's Digest' Universal dictionary states the following:
1. a. an unfounded belief that some action or circumstance completely unrelated to a course of events can influence its outcome.
b. fear of the mysterious or unknown.
2. Any belief practice or rite unreasoningly upheld by faith in magic, chance or dogma.

So, are you superstitious?

Many superstitions spring to mind.
Never walk under a ladder, always walk round it or bad luck will ensue. Where did this originate from? Could it be that someone had a tin of paint fall on them from a painter on a ladder?

Seven years bad luck if you break a mirror? Why seven years? Who/where did this originate from?

If you spill salt, throw some over your shoulder for good luck. What difference will throwing it over your shoulder make?

Never open an umbrella in a house or put new shoes on a table? Is there any logic behind either of these? Do you find yourself automatically NOT doing these things?

A rabbit's foot will bring you good luck. What about the poor rabbit who has a foot missing? Not very lucky for him!

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. So, if you eat an apple every day you'll be healthy all through your life? Does that make any sense? Or did some greengrocer dream up the phrase to help business?

Finding a four-leaf clover is supposed to bring good luck because clover usually only have three leaves. Shall I spend a few days looking through clover?

A horseshoe is a good luck item and often given at weddings wishing the couple good fortune. The bride is also supposed to wear something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Are these things on a wedding day REALLY going to make a difference to the marriage?

An itchy palm means that money is coming your way. Mine's been itching for ages and I've yet to see a difference in my bank balance.

First footing on New Year's Eve, a Scottish tradition. The first person through your door in the New Year should bring a bottle of whisky and a piece of coal to ensure warmth and prosperity for the coming year.

Are these things just old wives tales passed down through the generations? Do you seriously worry about these and numerous other superstitions or is everything down to good old fate? Is it all in the stars? Have you any experiences you would care to share that substantiate any superstitions?

Personally, I'm a believer in predestination and I've been pre-programmed to write this blog, end it here and go and have a cup of tea.

See you next week folks.. well, if I'm predestined to be here.

Lady M


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