Friday, 28 July 2017


Hello Everyone,

1. Tokyo is the capital of Japan.

2. It is on the east (Pacific Ocean) side of the island.

3. Tokyo is one of Japan's 47 prefectures.

4. Before 1868, this city was known as Edo, and many of the inhabitants still think of themselves as Edokkos (children of Edo).

5. It is in Asia but separated from the Asian mainland by about 100 miles of sea.

6. The main language is Japanese, although English is spoken in Tokyo and the other main cities.

7.Shintoism and Buddhism are the main religions.

8. The International dialling code is 81.

9. The currency is the Japanese Yen.

10. The Japanese love seafood and like to eat it in its natural state; a favourite is sushi.

11.The Tsukiji Fish Market is a predawn institution and highly active market providing around 90% of the fish eaten in Tokyo

12.Chopsticks are the common eating utensils. (An artistic way of eating which I'm still trying to master!)

13.The street life in Tokyo is spectacular at anytime of the year with different acts - acrobats, magicians, brass bands, jazz, dancing. . .

14. There are numerous festivals celebrated throughout the year.

15. The traditional dress is the kimono.

16. It is also a city where the Geisha girls may make a public appearance.

17. The Sumida River forms a strip with a number of sights on the banks from temples to museums and the Hundred Flowers Garden.

18.It is a modern city with skyscrapers but also a city proud to show its past. In the backstreets it is possible to see numerous temples, shrines, Buddha images and statues.

19.On Valentine's Day, (February 14th), it is the custom for women to give men gifts of chocolate!

20.'Cherry Blossom' time! When winter ends and spring begins it is time for the cherry blossom celebrations in Japan. People flock to parks and temple gardens to see this beautiful sight of pink and white petals. Ueno Park is the best-known venue in Tokyo, home to over 1000 trees.

Thought for the week: -Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away! (anonymous)I cannot think of a better comment to describe cherry blossom time.

Love Lady M xxxxx

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