Friday, 10 February 2012

Signs of the Zodiac- Aquarius

Howde folks,

Yes, Donald and I are still doing 'her' blogs in between our very busy death shedule. Last week, we needed to come downstairs and assist the twins three times. They still burn candles when they want to talk to me. I am so glad I left them some candles and a notebook to help them through my demise. Although, that was almost six years ago now. Remember, I told you we are coming out on Kindle and all sorts of e-material soon... well, I have another surprise for you. They have put me on You Tube or something, I am so excited! I have put it on here for you to see. Anyway, back to this week's topic which follows on from February looking at the star sign of Aquarius.

There are twelve signs in the Zodiac and Aquarius is the eleventh sign, from January 21st until February 19th, well it's for most of February. The last few days are Pisces. Those born when the Sun is in the Aquarius Constellation are known as Aquarians. The Aquarius sign is 'The Water Carrier'. All the signs fall into one of four elements, fire, earth, air and water. Despite having a water carrier as a sign, the Aquarian element is air.

Aquarians tend to be humanitarian people, honest and loyal, independent, intellectual, original and inventive. On the negative side they can be contrary and unpredictable. Do not let us forget that our Lady M is an Aquarian and she is definitely unpredictable. What are your opinions on the Zodiac? How many of you are smiling as you read these character traits and are thinking of Aquarian friends?

Aquarians, being intellectuals and thinkers like to do something positive with their lives as well as helping other people and supporting causes. Is that why our Lady M has given us so many books to read? Is it her positivity and legacy to the Universe.

I have to rush back downstairs now to help Miranda out, but I will be here again next week as 'she' finishes her holiday.

My positive mantra for the week


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