Friday, 17 August 2012

Beautiful Bali

Howde Folks,

Sofia here! Hope you all enjoyed Cyprus. We're on the move again and still heading eastward to Bali. We happen to know that Lady M spent a couple of weeks here in 2001 with some friends and she had a blast. She was really upset when the beautiful island was attacked by terrorists in October 2005 leaving 26 people dead. It seemed personal. Well, it's a long haul. . .so you will need a good book!

 Bali is one of the smaller islands of the Indonesian archipelago which stretches for about 5,000 km between Malasia and Australia. Bali is only140 km from east to west and 80km from north to south.

The capital of this small island is Denpasar.

There were two things which hit our Lady M immediately and they were the heat and the general happiness of the island. Everyone always smiles, unhappiness is unheard of, well at least prior to October 2005. It was thought to be a paradise island.

Bahasa Indonesia is the national language although English is widely spoken.

The main religion is Hindu.

The currency is Indonesian Rupiah. When shopping haggling is normal and expected. The markets are a delight to explore! 'She' speaks from experience. (I am not allowed to tell you just how much she brought back with her!)

Souvenir purchases are wood carvings, paintings, jewellery, arts and craft items, cloths and batik cloth.

Top activities are bird watching, bungee jumping, cruising, diving, golf, snorkelling, surfing, swimming,walking and watersports in general. Did Lady M try any of these activities? Er.. no... she only has one activity - sun worshipping. She arrived home with a beautiful tan.

Her other delight in travelling is the local cuisine. A typical Indonesian meal will be based around rice with fish, vegetables and meat flaovoured with chilis,ginger, turmeric and soy sauce. Tropical fruits are in abundance, papaya, guava and mangoes. She enjoyed it all.

What were her lasting memories of this island? The sunsets, the people and the Temples!


Until next week, when she's heading east across America to the Caribbean,

So long folks and all my love, Sofia!


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