Friday, 24 August 2012

Super St Lucia

Howde folks,
Donald and I are still here enjoying her summer island tour. We are lucky, that unlike you, we did not suffer from heat problems as we toured the beautiful Bali. All those temples and stunning scenery. We would not have missed that island for anything. Now, we move on to her last two islands, St Lucia and Barbados before the jet goes back into the hangar. Our Lady M has really visited St Lucia twice, once in 1990 where she met a wonderful family and stayed in touch with them. Later, she returned with them for the Millennium celebrations. What a night that was! So St Lucia is close to her heart. Seat belts fastened, relax, read a good book as we take off. . .
More sunshine. . . doesn't life always seem better when the sun shines? Not that Donald and I have that problem because we are . . .
Anyway, come let me share this super island with you.
St Lucia is a Caribbean island between Martinique and St Vincent. It is the second largest of the Windward Islands. It is also known as the "Jewel of the Caribbean". Its area is 238 square miles; 27 miles long by 14 across. It gained Independence from the UK in 1979; the Head of State is Queen Elizabeth II, represented locally by the Governor General.
The capital is Castries, located on the north west of the island and near the domestic airport. The larger international airport is Hewanorra which is at the south eastern tip of the island.
English and local French, known as patois are spoken.
Christianity is the main religion, largely Roman Catholic.
The currency is the East Caribbean Dollar.
It is an island renowned for its beauty; it has both lush green rain forests and lovely sandy beaches. The main road goes from the southern airport along the east side of the island to Dennery and then across the central plain to the capital and up the north west coast to the northern points of Smugglers Cove and Pigeon Island where the ruins of Fort Rodney may be seen. It is on the north west road above Castries that most of the hotels can be found.
It is a volcanic island and boast a drive in volcano, Soufriere. Yes, our Lady M went and had a look; one of the exciting events of her life as they drove into what appeared to be a bubbling cauldron and then walked in it. Over looking the volcano are the cone-shaped Pitons, spectacularly breathtaking whether viewed from air, land or sea; a prominent feature of the island.
Further excitement was Marigot Bay a secluded but idyllic palm fringed spot. Lady M was convinced she had seen it before and, yes, she had. It was one of the settings for the Dr Dolittle film.
For sport and leisure there's sailing, snorkling and scuba diving. Did our Lady M try any of those? You must be joking. She may be an Aquarian but likes to keep her feet out of the water. There is also a golf course and yes that is where she first had a go at golf but the less said about it the better. Other activities include fishing, horse riding and cricket.
Now as we all know, shopping is more Lady M's thing and she enjoyed that using up all her baggage allowance! Beautiful craft items, jewellery, leather goods and clothing. She still has two candle holders which always remind her of the fun time she had there.
Music and dancing are a prominent feature of this very relaxed island. Calypso, reggae and traditional music can be heard everywhere day and night. The locals have a natural rhythm and just love to dance all the time. It's quite catching. Lady M danced many a night away without a care in the world.
Now, Donald and I are off to explore so I leave you with my mantra for this week. Next week, we are just island hopping. Only 1 hour across to Barbados. It is also an excursion that 'she' did.
My love to you all, Sofia!

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  1. That sounds wonderful! I wish I was there! I would love to see the volcano and walk along the beach. It must be a romantic place, and a paradise! I'm glad your having fun!