Friday, 27 December 2013

Memories of 2013!

Hello Everyone!

I find it hard to believe we are at the end of 2013 and it is time to look back and reflect on the year's events and achievements. Also, time to think back to January when I thought about what I planned to do throughout the year. On the whole, I feel it has been one of my more successful and happy years. No, I didn't quite manage to complete the third manuscript in the Sofia trilogy but I'm almost there. There were so many other things that took up my time and gave me joy.

I attended several book festivals with the New Writers UK and the pic at the top is from the first one at Barton's Bus Depot, Chilwell. It was particularly poignant as the depot is only yards down the road from where I was born. I have fond memories of those buses from my childhood days. Alas, like many other things from the 1950's Barton's bus company no longer exists but has been taken over by Trent and those buses that chugged along the High Road are now just attractive museum pieces.

My books at the library
The new Odeon in West Bromwich
I was expecting a mild March based on the last few years and started renovation or a 'make over' on the property.  Alas, we had a harsh, snowy March and the finished look was in May but well worth it. A massive project completed and will last for a decade, hopefully!

In January I suggested this year be a year of FIRSTS  and I shared some of my 'firsts' with you including my trip to Eastwood and D H Lawrence's birthplace. Also, my first Skype experience and being the first person for the first Senior Screen showing at our new Odeon cinema. Have you achieved numerous 'firsts' making 2013, your memorable year?

This summer we were lucky in Britain. We actually had sunshine and not rain. It was a pleasant, warm and wonderful. They really were those 'hazy, crazy days'. I spent a lot of time writing bulletins for the Next Best Author Contest. They gave myself and other contestants much pleasure and they developed into a long running saga called 'The Singing Horses'. That is my excuse for not completing the Sofia trilogy but it will be done in 2014.

In July there was another reason to celebrate as The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had a son, Prince George. He is third in line to the throne and this is the first time since Queen Victoria's reign that three direct descendants could sit alongside the Monarch. What photographs for the archives!

My visit to D.H.Lawrence's birthplace, Eastwood
The Reenactment at Hucknall

Afternoon tea at the library

I was there! Hucknall in June
I was there! UK Games EXPO in May

Then, throughout the year I've had tremendous fun visiting the library on a Monday for afternoon tea. On Friday's I've enjoyed a stroll in the beautiful Sandwell Valley before having a special baguette for lunch, cheese, mushroom and bacon. If you visit the Sandwell Valley Farm cafe ask for a 'Marilyn special'!

In November it was time for my annual holiday in Cyprus which was fantabulous. Sunshine every day, book sales, excursions, meeting old friends, good food, champagne and chocolates and brilliant entertainment at the Alexander Hotel, Pafos.

Now, as we conclude this year in the next few days, I'm enjoying sunshine on another island in the Mediterranean, Malta!

It really has been a fantastic year for me and I hope it has been for you. Many magic moments...

The Fort, Pafos

...and pretty pics!

Thank you for joining me through 2013 and please stay with me through 2014.

Lady M.

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