Friday, 14 March 2014


Dear Sofia
Lady M signing a book
The Sequel

Hello Everyone,

Have you heard the news?

Lady M has actually completed the final book in the 'Sofia' trilogy. It weighs in at 92,000+words. She has put it a way for a few weeks in the hope that when she re-reads it, it will be in a fresh light and mistakes will just leap off the page. She lives in hopes. You may contact her to pre-order your copy simply by leaving a reply below. She expects it to be available in the autumn.

To celebrate she's changed the ink colour and decided to write in italics and she's giving you a special treat and privilege...a taster(or teaser if you're in America)... the beginning of Chapter 1.

They climbed onto the bed in between the four adults. Sofia was on his left with the women on her side. Donald had the two men on his right. He put his arm around Sofia’s shoulder and they lay back on the pillows. His eyes, despite the activity on both sides of them, were firmly fixed on Sofia. One of the great advantages of dying early is that you never grow old. Sofia had died five years earlier but she still looked the same, dark shoulder-length hair and beautiful brown eyes. She wore make-up even though with her natural beauty she did not need it. She was one of England’s and Nottingham’s finest; a true example or proof that Nottingham is well known for three things - Robin Hood, lace and beautiful, attractive women. She always wore the same color lipstick, a copper/bronze color. He had asked her about it once and her reply was that it was her ‘confidence’ lipstick. It had been the first item she bought in her rebellion and fight back against her husband, Derek. Although Derek was his twin brother, Donald had never approved of the way he had isolated Sofia from her friends and colleagues after she had given birth to the twins and become a housewife and mother. He had only allowed her to wear clothes which completely covered her flesh, rather like the Muslim women and he had forbidden her to wear any make-up. The purchase of this one lipstick had been Sofia’s first step in changing her life from being the down-trodden victim of a control-freak husband. Donald was proud of her and he loved her body shell, every inch of it. He noticed passports on the table.

Are you getting excited? Still time to purchase the first two books in the trilogy. Just scroll down to the end of the blog.

Next week, a second taster. Have a great week and don't forget 'make every moment count'. Sofia sends her love from the 'fridge'.

Lady M!

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