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The Sequel
Lady M displaying her wares in West Bridgford

Hello Everyone!

Lady M still here while Sofia and Donald remain in the Fridge. I'm sure they'll not notice the cold as they'll be indulging in their favourite hobby. As promised another taster from the new book to be launched later this year.

It is July 4th 2010 and the twins are being confirmed today. Now, I'm sure you remember that Sofia had one piece of  jewellery, a cross and chain which Scott gave her when she was confirmed. Derek had instructed Miranda to take all of her possessions to the hospital charity shop but she defied him and kept the cross and chain for Sophie and is going to give it to her today. Well,  there will be fireworks when Derek realises what Miranda has done.


At last the day had arrived, Sunday July 4th, Independence Day in America and Confirmation Day in the Haslington household.

Scott, Sofia and Donald were seated in the kitchen when a harassed Miranda arrived carrying two small parcels and cards.

“Oh, I hope I’ve done the right thing. Derek’ll go ballistic.” She muttered to the table as she placed the beautifully wrapped, in silver paper, gifts on the table.

“It’ll be fine. You did the right thing Miranda.” Sofia spoke but of course she could not hear her. Miranda  had all ready been to the 8.00 a.m. communion service where she had prayed earnestly for the day to go well and that Derek would accept what she had done when he saw Sofia’s cross and chain. She was wearing a dark green, cotton, loose, ankle-length dress which she had bought specifically for the confirmation although she had decided to wear it for the whole day. She had far too much to do to keep changing. She donned her full apron on, determined not to spoil or mark her dress and began breakfast preparation. This morning, she was cooking eggs, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes and toast. They would need something more than cereals and fruit juice.

“Look out folks, here he comes.” Scott spoke and the trio turned to see Derek walk into the kitchen all ready dressed in his dark grey suit and red bow tie and clearly excited about his day ahead.

“Good morning, dearest sister-in-law. Do I detect extra-culinary delights on this auspicious Sunday morning?” Then he noticed the pretty packages and cards. “What are these?”

Miranda’s heart missed a few beats and in her anxiety she dropped a spoon on the floor.

“It is customary for god-parents to make a small gift to their god-children when they bring them for confirmation. I am fulfilling my obligations.” She replied while picking up the spoon and without looking at him.

“Oh, I am sure my children will appreciate them.”

“Your children?” She turned toward him. That phrase always annoyed her. She was their guardian now and after Sofia’s death she had accepted them as their children but on occasions Derek would make it clear that really they were his.

“Ah, you have made the coffee, thank you.” He changed the subject and poured himself a drink just as the twins came in, still wearing dressing-robes. “Why are you in such attire for breakfast? Since when has it been permissible in this house to wear inappropriate dress for any meal?”

“I told them to today and then they can dress for the church after breakfast. I felt it best.” Miranda was beginning to panic. They were inappropriately dressed and in a few seconds her secret of five years was going to be discovered.

“Chill Miranda. It’s going to be okay.” Donald shouted at her, but this was one of those occasions when he was unable to communicate with her.

“Good morning Daddy, Aunty Miranda.” Sophie said as she moved to kiss them both on the cheek. She had somehow fixed a smile on her face which she intended keeping through this ordeal. Donny followed her example and then they both saw the cards and gifts.”

“What is this?” Donny asked picking up his and opening the card.

By now, Miranda just wanted to escape. “They’re just my small gifts to you both on this important day.”

Donny opened his first, “Wow, this is ace. Thank you so much, Aunty M.”

“You will of course wear it today for your first communion.”

Donny fingered every part of the chain and cross before he said, “Of course.”

Sophie was much slower, she remembered her thought sometime ago that her mother was telling her she was to have the silver cross and chain. Aunty Miranda would give it to her. She looked at Donny’s and thought, surely not.

Miranda waited with baited breath and gazed across at Derek preparing for his reaction.

“Oh, it’s Mum’s cross and chain.” Tears cascaded down her cheeks.

Derek opened his mouth and started to speak, “But that is not...”

Miranda interrupted him, “...Yes it is, Sophie, I kept it for you and have always planned to give it to you today. Your mother and I were confirmed together. Your grandfather gave it to her on that day. She would have wanted you to have it. I just hope you like the one I’ve bought for you Donny.” She then looked at Derek and said, “Later!” She then breathed a sigh of relief. The deed was done and somehow she would find the strength to deal with Derek after breakfast.

“You remember the day, Sweet Pea?”

“I do Dad.” Sofia was crying as well. “My twins are all ready fourteen and getting confirmed today. I can’t believe it.”

“Believe it Lady S.” Donald gave her a peck on the cheek.

Miranda moved over to Sophie, “Here, let me put it on for you.” She gave it Miranda who carefully fastened it round Sophie’s neck. They all looked at her, including the three additional guests at breakfast, “you look just like your mother.” Miranda spoke what they were all thinking.

“Come on let’s have breakfast, Sis and then we can get ready.”

“I have instructed you regarding the use of such vulgar, common language. You are not, I repeat NOT to refer to each other as bro and sis.” He looked over his glasses at Donny who immediately regretted his faux pas. They had agreed to continue using such affectionate terminology just between themselves and certainly not in front of their father.

“I apologise Father; it was a slight slip of the tongue.” He led Sophie to a kitchen stool; they all sat down and ate breakfast. Miranda was secretly dreading the twins finishing eating because then she would have to face Derek. The moment arrived. They left the kitchen to change into their confirmation attire. There was just Miranda, Derek and the three unseen guests.

“Miranda, you defied my instructions.”

“Yes, Derek I disobeyed you. I kept the cross and chain for Sophie. So, are you going to put me in the stocks?” She had her hands on her hips and was glaring at him while inwardly her stomach was doing somersaults.

“Nice one Miranda.” Derek applauded her. “You tell him.”

“Do not be ridiculous but you are in my house and as such I expect you to obey my rules. When I state that some task is to be completed it will be in its entirety according to my instructions and wishes. I stated explicitly that all of my dearest wife’s possessions were to be taken to the hospital charity shop. Were my instructions not clear?”


“Then I fail to comprehend why I should discover today that one of my late wife’s possessions is still in this house.”

“I would have thought the answer to that question was obvious.”

“Obvious? If it were obvious I would have no need to ask. Further, I am now pondering on the strong possibility that numerous other items did not go to the requested establishment but were purloined in transit. In fact, it appears that I am living with a common thief.”

“Derek. How dare you.” Miranda shouted at him.

The three bystanders all went shhhh... with their fingers on their lips.

“Keep it down, Miranda. The twins will hear you.” Donald shouted at her, but of course she could not hear him.

“What else failed to reach its correct destination? Did you make any private sales for personal gain?”

“Of course not. I have stolen nothing of Sofia’s. Everything was taken to the charity shop as...”

She stopped mid-sentence and turned away.

“Well, carry on. You tell him.” Donald shouted again.

“As?” Derek stared at her. He knew from the way she turned away from him and her body language that she was hiding something. “As what? Please complete your sentence.”

She had remembered the tape and diaries but the diaries did go in a boot box and the tape...well! She turned back to him, looked him straight in the face, “as per your instructions jewellery, makeup, clothes and every last shoe and boot box went to the shop.”

“Bravo!” Sofia shouted and clapped.

“I kept the cross and chain because it was the right thing to do. You saw how pleased Sophie was. I did it for her and no other reason. We leave for the church in thirty minutes.”

Her last words brought them back to the present situation quickly.

“Well, if you can assure me that I am in for no further surprises. No other items that belonged to my wife remain in this house this subject is closed. I do understand your reasoning but I cannot condone your defiance.”

He stormed out leaving Miranda thinking about the diaries; she really should look at them again after her own reading with JT but for now there was work to do and a busy day ahead. She cleared up in the kitchen before going up stairs to help Sophie.
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