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Sofia and Lady Godiva

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"It's been 5 years since Sofia died, and she and the other spirits "upstairs" continue and watch the dramatic events and devastating consequences that unfold on the earthly plane. This is book 3 in the Sofia Trilogy."

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Howde Folks,

Hope you've all had a great week and enjoyed reading how it all began for me.

Donald and I have been reminiscing. We've been thinking about our early years downstairs before our accidents. Our childhood days, how I met Derek at the hospital and then married him making Donald my brother-in-law. He, then, met my best friend, Miranda and she became the love of his life. Of course, we know that none of this was just coincidence. It all happened as it was meant to. We thought about our last months downstairs and fell into hysterics when we remembered the hospital fete and my appearance as Lady Godiva. Donald said that I should share the experience with you so...

It was July 24th, the day of the summer fête and the first of her remaining two-hundred-and twenty-four days. If all went well she would achieve the second goal on her “Do or Die” List today.

Somehow, during the last couple of weeks the idea of her arriving in Gerald’s car as Lady Godiva and sitting naked for two hours to collect money for the hospital had all been Derek’s idea, part of his plan when he suggested fancy dress to boost funds. He had even decided that he would accompany her as Leofric 111, the Earl of Mercia and Donny would be Alfgar, Godiva and Leofric’s son. They would dress as aristocrats in Anglo-Saxon England in the eleventh century. Sophie was to be a lady-in-waiting to Godiva.

She, in the last two weeks had spent the rest of her £1,000 on more makeup, nail varnish, another dress, skirt, designer sunglasses and brown stiletto shoes. Derek was now aware of her knee length skirts and shoes but she was saving the miniskirts as a holiday surprise. He would never allow her to wear shorts; he did not like other men ogling her long, sexy legs. Even by the swimming pool she would have to wear a sarong and remove it only when going into the pool.

The children were on the six week summer holiday. She and Derek had attended the Parents’ Evening; Sofia knew that it would be the last one she would go to and for her it had been tinged with sadness. They had seen some of their projects on display and received glowing comments from staff.

Their school reports had also been excellent. Derek would not allow anything less. He read every word carefully, any grade less than A- was not satisfactory and he thought he was being generous by allowing a minus. He interviewed his children in the library individually after he had studied the reports. It was in preparation for later in life and would give them an advantage over other candidates if they were used to interview techniques and procedures. Fortunately, they both received straight A’s and their father congratulated them both on the achievement whilst warning them that there was no room for complacency. To be the best you needed to give your best.

Now, the day of the fête had arrived and the weather was fine so the event would take place in the gardens. They left “Haslington Towers” at 1.00pm dressed in their costumes. Sofia was wearing her nurses’ cloak, wedge sandals, Godiva wig and full makeup.

Derek parked in his reserved place at the hospital. They could see Gerald and Victoria, (his 1954 Austin Healey red sports car); it had already attracted a crowd. When Gerald dressed as Othello, complete with face mask and dark gloves to give the appearance of being black, saw Derek’s family he bellowed across to them,

‘Good day to you, my Lord Leofric. How goes it with you and the dear Lady Godiva?’ He gave a mock bow and then roared his raucous laugh and was applauded by everyone around him from Canute to The Pope. All eyes were on Sofia, who casually strolled across the car park, carefully climbed into the passenger seat of Victoria and adjusted the wig before removing her cloak.

Donald and Miranda dressed as Robin Hood and Maid Marian along with her father (Friar Tuck) began the cheering as Othello drove Lady Godiva round the hospital grounds for twenty minutes before arriving in the garden. The family were assembled waiting for them along with Joanna, Gerald’s wife who was surprisingly sober and fulfilling the role of Desdemona. On the front of the vehicle was a placard, Lady Godiva rides in Nottingham. The local press were taking photographs and Derek plied them with information; he could never permit his wife to upstage him.

She spent the rest of the afternoon smiling sweetly. Sophie held a bucket for donations and because people admired Sofia’s nerve for sitting naked in a vintage car they put their hands in their pockets and produced extra cash. When totalled there was £1,056.28 in the bucket ranging from £20 notes to pennies. Gerald had put the first £20 note in and Derek, determined not to be outdone donated a second one and the rest just flowed in. It had been a tremendous success.

That evening was a happy one at “Haslington Towers” and even Saturday night sex was bearable. Spirits were still high at Sunday brunch and the fête was the main topic of conversation. Photographs of Lady Godiva in Victoria and the winner of the fancy dress competition would be in Monday’s edition of The Nottingham Post.

The Pearly Queen won the prize; she was a student nurse who had a costume with over twenty thousand buttons on it.

In a couple of weeks they were going to Cyprus. The island was in the news because the British Olympics team were staying there before going to Athens. Somehow, seeing the place on television most evenings had added excitement to their holiday....
And that folks is where I'm going to leave it this week. Next week, I'll share some of that Cyprus holiday with you. It was the holiday that changed everything for Donald and I.
Make every moment magical.
Love, Sofia!

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