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Coming soon... LOVE YOU FOREVER,

"It's been 5 years since Sofia died, and she and the other spirits "upstairs" continue and watch the dramatic events and devastating consequences that unfold on the earthly plane. This is book 3 in the Sofia Trilogy."

There's still time to read the first two books, LOOK AFTER EACH OTHER and SOFIA'S LEGACY. Simply send a message on the comments, or they are available from Amazon, other online retailers and good book shops. Don't want to buy them? Borrow them from your local library.
 Howde Folks,
Hope you've all had a great week and enjoyed Donald and my little trip down memory lane to our time at the hospital fete when I embarrassed Derek by dressing or rather undressing as Lady Godiva. We all had a lot of fun that day. Downstairs, the future is unknown. I was certain that mine was going to be a short life although I had no idea HOW I was going to die. Donald had no idea at all and his untimely death came as a shock to us all. As promised, this week, I am going to tell you about the time Donald and I started our affair on holiday. We knew it was wrong. I didn't care. I just treasured every minute of my life while I still had one. Donald was more concerned; he really loved and still loves Miranda. He tried to finish it, but... well you could always read the book but for now here is what happened.

'The sun was shining as usual on Friday; the waiter brought the morning tea. When Derek, Sofia and the twins were ready they phoned Donald and met by the steps leading down to the coffee shop. Miranda was wearing a brown floral caftan which would be cooler but she still had her face with plastered in makeup. Just looking at her made Sofia realise how tanned they were after only one week of sunshine. She was still wearing her miniskirts and casual tops during the day which meant that her legs were also brown and Derek had not expressed disapproval.

They enjoyed breakfast alfresco and were looking forward to a more relaxing day after Derek’s guided tour of the island. First, it was the Jacuzzi for Sofia and a stroll along the beach towards Yeriskipou for the others before swimming, archery and a light sandwich lunch by the pool. They had found an area in the shade and Sophie was still asking to go on the glass bottom boat which for Sofia was a golden opportunity,

‘Miranda, why don’t you and Donald take the twins? I know Derek’s not particularly bothered about the experience.’

‘Yes, I am.’

‘Oh, you haven’t mentioned it so I assumed you didn’t want to go.’

‘Actually, I’m not over keen on it.’ Donald said

‘OK Why don’t Derek and I take them?’ Miranda spoke, obviously keen to be with Derek.

‘Right, Donald and I will stay here by the pool. I have my next massage at 4.00pm.’

Two excited children set off for the car park followed by Derek and Miranda leaving Sofia and her brother-in-law watching children splashing in the water.

‘Donald, if anything happens to me, I mean us you two would look after the twins wouldn’t you?’

‘What a question. Nothing’s going to happen to you but you know we would. We love them like our own. We’d really like children of our own. We keep hoping…’

‘She’s infertile…’ JT’s words were once again ringing in her ears. ‘…have you considered IVF?’

‘What, how do you know that?’

‘I don’t.’ She tried to cover up her mistake, ‘it was a question, is she infertile? Have you had tests? Have you considered IVF?’ She repeated.

‘Not yet. We’re thinking about it but hope it’ll happen naturally. Miranda’s very maternal. She’d make a good mother. You’ve seen how she is with the twins. Anyway, it might be me who’s firing blanks and to be honest I don’t think either of us wants to know if we’re incapable. IVF does seem like a last resort.’

‘Oh dear and time is marching on. In three years she’ll be forty; there’ll be even less chance of conceiving then. Maybe you need to take drastic action and face the truth before it’s too late.’

He looked across and noticed that the curtains in 5042 had been drawn and to change the subject he said, ‘The room’s just been serviced.’

‘Which one is it?’

‘The end one.’

‘Can you really see the harbour and sky dishes?’

‘Yes, all seven-hundred-and-sixty-three or was it sixty-four?’ He laughed, ‘Do you want to come up and have a look?’


They left their towels on the loungers, walked round to the leisure centre and took the lift to the fifth floor. He led her onto the balcony where she was amazed at the view; it was so different from the one they had. The harbour and sky dishes were definitely visible; there was more sea and you could see over the Amathus Hotel; the derelict winery was like a dot in the middle spoiling it otherwise it was the perfect picture.

‘Look,’ she pointed at the boat, ‘isn’t that the glass bottom boat?’

‘What?’ she had been drinking in the view but he could only see Lady Godiva. He was standing next to this gorgeous naked woman in a blonde wig. ‘Yes, I believe it is.’

She waved while he was having difficulty remembering that she was his brother’s wife. Suddenly, a strange power, the magic of Cyprus or something took over. He moved towards her and kissed her on the lips; she did not move away but responded and threw her arms around him. In a clinch they moved back into the room and fell onto the bed eager to make love.

While passionately kissing they removed their swimwear and tossed the garments onto the floor. Their hearts were racing as they caressed and explored each other’s bodies. She gently stroked his penis and placed her thigh across him, eager and excited, ‘Yes, yes’ she panted with sexual desire and anticipation. They were entwined as she guided him into her.

 With gentle thrusts he built up a rhythm causing the bed to shake and move against the wall but they did not hear it. He had found her G-spot which caused her to pant heavily, ‘Yes, yes, yes…’ She was aroused and in seventh heaven savouring the sensual moment. He raised himself onto his knees, she remained supine as they climaxed.

When the magic was over and they lay side by side,

‘What have we done?’

‘I think we’ve just broken one of the commandments.’

‘I’ve just had sex with my brother’s wife.’

‘That wasn’t just sex. Trust me it was exciting, passion, love.’

‘How could we let it happen?’

‘Remember, this is Aphrodite’s island; the goddess of love.’

‘Yes, but where do we go from here?’

‘Are you feeling guilty?’

‘Of course, I’ve never been unfaithful before.’

‘Everything happens for a reason. Nothing happens by chance; always remember that.’ She thought she knew the reason. Donald was the answer to her prayers; the person to take her to a casino, and to the Acropolis. He was the ideal person to join the Mile High Club and then there was her new idea: Tantric sex. He would be the right partner for that. ‘Have you tried Tantric?’

 ‘Yes, of course. We’ve tried most things and positions in the hope of Miranda getting pregnant. We’ve just experienced The Twining position; it’s one of the first ones mentioned in the Kama Sutra. ’

‘Really? A position from the famous manual?’ She thought it was good and had just discovered another area where the two brothers were completely different. Derek was a zero in bed but Donald was a hero; brilliant, caring and sensuous lover. She deserved a better sex life than Derek gave her. ‘We could have a proper affair.’

‘I can’t believe you’re suggesting that.’

‘Why not?’ She had less than two-hundred days left, so it didn’t matter anyway.

He was thinking of how he had betrayed both his brother and his wife but then he had always been attracted to Sofia.

‘They’ll be back soon. We have to get back to the pool.’ He got up and she smiled when she realised that it was not only the hair parting which Donald had on the right and Derek had on the left.

‘Think about it. We could have fun together. We’re always the quiet couple while Derek and Miranda monopolise things. You know you’re attracted to me.’

Again, she could hear JT’s warning that it would end in disaster but she did not care. She looked at her watch; it was almost time for her massage. They dressed and she carefully rearranged the bed so that Miranda would not be suspicious and together they left the room. He went to the pool not really believing what had happened between them while secretly wanting it to continue while she went for her massage thinking that everything was working out well for her.'

Next week I'll give you a little more of my story.
Until then, have a great week and remember to make hay while the sun shines. Donald and I certainly did.

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