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Howde Folks,
Sofia and Donald still here. Lady M is enjoying the sunshine, waiting for the proof reading on her last book about us and playing with her 'Singing Horses'. She took them to the library on Monday afternoon for tea and cakes. Those who joined her there admired them and talked to them in the 'neigh' equine language which she has created.
Anyway, back to reality. I hope you've enjoyed the extracts from 'Look After Each Other' over the last three weeks and today I'm giving you the last extract from this book. Have you ever wondered what you would do if you were convinced you were living your last hours on earth but have no idea how you're going to die? Well, these were the last two days Sofia expected to see!
MARCH 2005,

At home she asked herself how people spent their last day. Those destined for execution were asked if they had any last requests. She had none having accomplished all the goals which time and circumstances had permitted and she felt completely prepared for that moment when life ceased to exist and she joined Donald, her mother and others who were already enjoying the Afterlife.

It was described by the church as simply “going into the next room”. There was nothing difficult, challenging or complicated. When the time came someone would come and collect her. She was ready. Derek had decided that tomorrow they would have a family outing to Chatsworth and Bakewell. At first she was alarmed but then realised that one does not just sit and wait for death to knock at the door but carry on with life as normal.

The thoughts of tomorrow’s destiny were floating through her mind when her father came into the kitchen at coffee-time.

‘Morning Sweet Pea. You still think your number’s up tomorrow?’

‘Morning Dad. Well, is John ever wrong?’

‘No, but as I keep telling you he did not give you a definite date. You think you’ve worked it out and YOU could be wrong.’

‘I don’t see how. I’ve been over it time and time again. Anyway, I can’t be wrong. If I am I may as well commit suicide. I’ll be broke in a few months, up to my eyes in debts I can’t pay and I could even be arrested for arson and murder.’

‘Well, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. I’m off out now but I will see you again. Anyway, I don’t like final “goodbyes”.’ She heard the front door slam and he was gone.

‘Oh Sheba, it’s just you and I for the rest of the day. Will you miss me next week? I wonder how I’m going to go. It’s not cancer. Heart attack? Will we have an accident in the car? Oh, what if it’s not just me who dies tomorrow, what if we’re all killed in some awful accident? I hadn’t thought of that. Oh dear’ She bent down to stroke the dog, ‘I guess we’ll have to wait and see.’

She spent the rest of the day “channel-hopping” on the television but nothing seemed to sustain her interest. Sheba lay at her feet. ‘What a way to spend your last day on this earth. It’s like being packed and ready to go on holiday. Just waiting and waiting…’

At 3.20pm they went to collect the twins who climbed into the car in their usual state of disarray. Sheba gave Sophie the customary face wash and her tail lashed out in all directions showing her extreme pleasure at being reunited with the person who had promised to look after her.

Later, Miranda and Derek came home and the family were anticipating an exciting weekend well all apart from Sofia who expected her demise to dampen the proceedings. She was not even sure that she would wake up in the morning and so she gave both of the children an extra hug and goodnight kiss before walking out of their rooms and silently praying that she would see them tomorrow.

When she went to bed she looked back down the staircase and wondered whether she would walk down in the morning or wait for the funeral directors to carry her. Now, how many people think about that before they retire in the evening? Would it be a long or a short night? Would this be the last time she climbed into her bed? At least she would not have to endure tomorrow nights sex. That was her final positive thought before falling asleep.

Derek switched his alarm off; the birds were singing outside and the sun was shining. It was 8.00am and the start of another Saturday which he intended enjoying with his family. Miranda was already downstairs making coffee and Sophie was outside with Sheba.

It was Sheba’s distinctive bark as she ran after a ball that woke Sofia; she was still alive and it was March 5th, BINGO day. By her calculations she had no longer than sixteen hours to live. Well, at least her prayers had been answered and she would see the children today. The wisest thing for her was to enjoy every single minute before the inevitable occurred. Whatever and whenever that happened to be.

After breakfast they left in the Mercedes for Chatsworth. Sofia was seated in the front and Miranda in the back with the children and Sheba. As Derek sped out of the drive onto the road Sofia looked back at the house where until recent months she had been a prisoner and wondered if she would see it again. It was like watching the children enter the school yesterday, that long, lingering, last look or as long as it could be with Derek keen to reach his chosen destination.

By morning coffee-time they were at Chatsworth sitting in the Park, admiring the view of Chatsworth House and Sofia was still alive. No fate had befallen her or them during the journey.

‘Family, we have arrived, let us go and refresh ourselves with beverages. Sheba will remain in the car while we visit the cafĂ©. We will return and all go for a stroll in this glorious Park.’

Derek had spoken and the family obeyed. After their drinks, stroll round the Park and the Garden area they continued to Bakewell for lunch and much to Miranda’s delight a look at the shops. She bought a traditional Bakewell Pudding and was rather surprised at Sofia’s reluctance to spend money. Sofia was looking around for gunmen, muggers, cars going out of control or anything which looked suspiciously like it may terminate her life at any second.

At 3.00pm when Derek declared it was time to return she pinched herself to ensure she was still alive. There was no accident on the way home. That evening everything went smoothly in the Haslington household. Miranda had prepared a casserole with jacket potatoes and mixed vegetables for their dinner with the traditional Bakewell Pudding for dessert. After dinner and when the children had gone to bed she was still breathing.

This meant that the last thing she would ever do in this life was have sex with Derek. Many would say that during sex was a brilliant time to die; they had never endured sex with Derek who confuses it with keyhole surgery. Derek spent the evening in the drawing room with Donny and the Taj Mahal until the children went to bed and then he listened to music. The females of his family were in the lounge; Miranda and Sophie watching the television while Sofia was watching the time.

At 10.00pm when the adults went upstairs her final thoughts were, Dear God what have I done to deserve the fate of sex with Derek as the last thing I will ever do on this earth. After the customary activity she fell asleep secure in the knowledge that she would not wake up in the morning.

Coming soon... LOVE YOU FOREVER,

"It's been 5 years since Sofia died, and she and the other spirits "upstairs" continue and watch the dramatic events and devastating consequences that unfold on the earthly plane. This is book 3 in the Sofia Trilogy."
There's still time to read the first two books, LOOK AFTER EACH OTHER and SOFIA'S LEGACY. Simply send a message on the comments, or they are available from Amazon, other online retailers and good book shops. Don't want to buy them? Borrow them from your local library.

Have a great week full of magic moments.

Love, Sofia.



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