Friday, 26 December 2014

Boxing Day


Hello Everyone,

Today is December 26th, aka St Stephen's Day or Boxing Day.

All the stress, excitement and preparation for the big day is over. The big day was yesterday. Now, all that's left is left over turkey, discarded wrapping paper and a hangover as a reminder of the annual event.

But what is this day, BOXING DAY,  all about?

St Stephen was the first to die for preaching about Jesus. therefore, his special saints day is next to Jesus' birthday.

Originally, in churches there were boxes for people to offer some contribution for the poor of the Parish. In the Middle Ages, the priests would open these boxes on St Stephen's Day and divide the money among the poor and needy. Later, wealthy people used this day to give their servants a special gift. It was usually money and in a box known as a 'Christmas box'. This tradition still continues  when people show their appreciation to tradesmen, postmen, dustmen and people who have given good service throughout the year. Although, it is usually given before Boxing day.

So, while you're suffering from over indulgence yesterday or perhaps planning a trip to a pantomime this afternoon and have stumbled on this blog may it put a smile on your face as you count your blessings.

Furthermore, it has nothing to do with boxing matches!

Have a happy Boxing day!

Lady M


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