Friday, 10 April 2015

Pafos Days


Hello Everyone,

As promised I am going to tell you about my wonderful time in Pafos, Cyprus. Well, I had a blast! I stayed at The Alexander The Great Beach Hotel, one of the hotels in the Kanika chain. Yes, I have been there before so I received a warm welcome from the staff. Some of you may have followed my statuses on Facebook in which case you will all ready know that I had a mad passionate affair with my sun lounger. The hotel has a sunbed allocation system and mine was by the pool and overlooking the sea... a prestigious position. I tried to enjoy it everyday and would go there after breakfast for about half-an-hour. Absolutely beautiful.

What else did I do? Visited the harbour for ice creams and coffees many times. It's a nice short walk from the hotel and I met friends there. Then, there was indulging in my favourite hobby... shopping! I went up to the market in the old town and the new Kings Mall. What did I buy? Candles, shoes, bags, clothes, presents. I guess I'm a shopaholic. Oh must not forget my visits to the Duck Pond Market. A great place for books and almost anything except a duck pond!

I also took the opportunity to revisit the ancient sites:- The Mosaics, Byzantium Castle, Odeon, St. Paul's Pillar and the Early Christian Basilica of  Chrysopolitissa. So much ancient history in a small area.

I took my usual weekly trips up to Coral Bay on the local bus, to stroll along the beach and have a coffee. It's a lovely ride up the coastal road from Pafos. When I first made that journey many years ago there were few buildings. However, like most places, it has developed and now there are numerous hotels and small estates en route.

Only once did I make the long walk along the beach path from the hotel toward Geriskipou, as far as the new church at Sunset Point. A lovely, peaceful place to visit.

I confess to spending several of the warmer days sun worshipping on my sunbed and reading a book. It made a change from writing a book. I would move when it was time to play Skittles and after much practice managed to win my last two games there. I earned myself two certificates and the title of Skittles Queen. Certificates are awarded at the beginning of the evening entertainment. I accepted mine with good grace and gave my acceptance speeches. First, I thanked the balls for going in the right direction and on the second occasion I thanked the skittles for being either intoxicated or kind but for falling down for me. I tried my hand at Shuffleboard and darts but, alas, I was not as successful.

A great part of any holiday is the food. Now, on these occasions, I'm always on the see food diet... see food and eat it! I was good at breakfast time; I only ate salad, fruit and scrambled eggs. But, dinner was a different matter. I tended to try everything in the main restaurant on the theme nights. I also worked my way through the menu in the Japanese Restaurant. Then, after dinner I'd be in the bar enjoying the cabarets and evening entertainment including bingo. I was ecstatic when I won €45. I had  a new hobby... working my way through the Smoothie menu. That was great fun.

Finally, on the Sundays I watched the concerts at the harbour or as they are known.. Musical Sundays. Magic!

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