Friday, 29 May 2015

Magic moments in writing


Hello Everyone,

Lady M still here but after a nice break in the New Forest. She had fun at the Exbury Gardens riding on a steam railway and driving round the New Forest watching the ponies roaming freely. Her next break will be Blackpool in September where she will be nostalgic thinking of all those wonderful trips to Blackpool she took in her youth.

But, back to the present. She hopes you have enjoyed May's blogs about writing and those of you who are thinking about writing a book have found it both interesting and useful. Alas, she fears you may have found it depressing and disillusioning. So, she is going to give you some of the magical moments which make it all worth while.

The pics at the top may be puzzling... the Birmingham Metropole Hotel, the Tardis and... These were all taken at the UK Games Expo at the Birmingham hotel in May 2013 and 2014. She can't believe it's a year since the last wonderful event but time flies when you're having fun. Last year she took part in the author seminar on 'earning from writing'.  She was the third to speak and her colleagues had painted a dismal picture. She was surprised that peeps were still in the room and decided to lighten the mood by looking at the positive aspects and why people do produce books. When she arrived home and looked at her emails she found,       
"There are magic moments in writing that keep you going" another nugget from author @MarilynLRice @UKGamesExpo
03:08 PM - 31 May 14

Well, she was really surprised. So, you never know what kind of impact you're making on others. (She looked at the pic and thought 'must not slouch!')

The magic moments?

1. After all the hassle, writing, typesetting, proof reading, cover and decisions you see YOUR book for the first time. Wow. MAGIC.

2. Someone BUYS your book. They actually give you money for your work.

3. People are actually asking where they can buy your book. Well, not many but some are interested in reading YOUR work.

4. You read a nice review of your work.

5. You publish a second book and become an author/publisher of bookS! MAGIC. That little 's' on the end of the sentence is so, so, so, important.

6. People start ordering your NEXT book in advance. Hey, peeps like your work so much that they cannot wait for your next one. You've got a small fan club but from little acorns...

7. You become an international author. It is not only people in your own country but others around the world who are now reading your work.

There's another 'magic moment' she's still waiting for... THE FILM! But, she lives in hopes.

Anyway, it is the UKGames Expo again this weekend and she will be there, on Saturday, with her colleagues at the authors table by the Kings Room. If you want an exciting weekend of fun and are near Birmingham pop along and say 'hello'.

Have fun.

Lady M!

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