Friday, 31 July 2015

On your own doorstep (almost!) Coalbrookdale and Much Wenlock

The Millennium Promise

My Promise: Smile more...frown less!
Hello Everyone!

I hope you have all had a great week. It's the last day of July; August tomorrow!

If you are thinking of buying a gift please think of last week's blog 'A book is a gift for life'!

I've also been talking about  visiting places so near to home and appreciating history, archaeology and the heritage that lies on the doorstep wherever your doorstep happens to be.

Last week I ventured slightly further afield to Coalbrookdale and the Museum of Iron (32 miles distance according to Satnav). On the grass/picnic area are seats with the Millennium Promises. These are promises which people made at the Millennium knowing that they would be engraved on plaques and left for posterity. I like going and looking at mine. I smile and hope I've made many others smile when they've read it. You try it! The world will seem a much better place.

From Coalbrookdale I drove six miles down the road to Much Wenlock, a beautiful town with an olde world feel about it. It has narrow streets and old buildings like the Guildhall. The yellow lines and car parks bring it into the 21st century otherwise one could stand and visualise the horse and carriages coming through the town.

The Guildhall

The first place I visited was the Guildhall. Upstairs is the ancient courtroom which was still active as a court of law until 1985. The open space below was used as a corn market.

The beam opposite the Mayor's chair
  The beam (left pic!) has a Latin inscription which translates as 'Give right judgement and exercise mercy'.
The Mayor's chair

A reminder of punishment ... The Stocks

Next, I visited the church before going to the Priory ruins. Some pics! For more information on the Priory which is now an English Heritage site visit 

After the Priory? Afternoon tea in one of the picturesque tearooms. Then a quick wander round the shops before driving home feeling happy and relaxed.

So, enjoy the last day of July and smile when you welcome August tomorrow.
Lady M
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