Friday, 28 August 2015

On Your Own Doorstep (almost) ... Blists Hill Museum

Transport in the Victorian Town
Candle maker at work

Candle makers
No mountain bikes here!
Steam locomotive carrying coal
The High Street


Hello Everyone,

  • Lady M still here but surprise, surprise this is the last week of August. It will be the last of my 'on your own doorstep' blogs. Well, for a while! This week, like last week, I have taken a little stroll through the archives and found the blog I posted last year about my trip to Blists Hill Museum, a Victorian town. This is not a free admission but it is well worth the fee! It is one of the Ironbridge Museums and there are a variety of ticket options to cover the other museums, if you wish to visit them. For further details visit

This is a real working museum and where time seems to go much slower, just like the old days. There are no cars in the streets, no noise and all the staff wear traditional costumes. You can even use the old fashioned Sterling currency by changing modern money at the Lloyds Bank on the High Street. There's the bakers, butchers, dressmakers, candle makers, printers, sweet shop, post office and everything you could possibly need in 1890 including the doctor's surgery in his house. It's fascinating walking into the houses and seeing people working as they would have done. Those old fashioned sewing machines are everywhere. There's even a Victorian fair on the village green. I had a go on that rolling balls into the right hole to win a prize and  won a skipping rope. Unfortunately, I'm not as young as I used to be and can now only manage a few skips before I fall into exhaustion. But, ever positive, I keep trying!

Have fun and remember you may win a copy of my latest book, LOVE YOU FOREVER. Just visit                                                               

Lady M!

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