Friday, 4 September 2015

Cinders you shall go to the Ball!

Well it is September and in just over three months time the tree will be decorated, the house looking festive, presents almost ready and cards adorning the home. Christmas is just round the corner! We are two thirds of the way through another year. Have you completed two thirds of the tasks you set yourself for 2015? If not don't panic just start a new list for 2016!

Thinking back to my New Year post I wrote it in purple, the colour of optimism, and wanted to make it the year to achieve dreams. The year when dreams come true. Well, I'm still waiting... how about you? But, I'm also still positive. I still like to make every moment count and try new things. I guess this year, so far, my 'first's' have been using my concessionary travel pass, travelling on the tram, visiting The New Library of Birmingham, visiting the Avebury Stone Circle, and  travelling on the Steam Train at Exbury Gardens.

Thinking ahead to the party season, if you were Cinders going to the Fancy Dress Ball, which of the following characters would you choose to be and why, or maybe you would like to add a character of your own?

William Shakespeare
Queen Victoria
David Livingstone
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson
John Lennon
George Eliot
Winston Churchill
Margot Fonteyn
Charles Darwin
Amelia Earhart
Vincent van Gogh
John F Kennedy
Florence Nightingale
Elvis Presley
Dusty Springfield
Oscar Wilde
Mae West
Christopher Columbus

Personally, I would choose Florence Nightingale or The Lady with the Lamp as she was known. I admire her tremendously for all that she did and achieved which was difficult for a woman in her day. I find her an inspirational and caring character.

Until next week, have fun, make every moment count and never give up on your dreams!

Lady M

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