Friday, 11 December 2015

Donald's Delights 4 MAGIC MOMENTS

Hey Peeps,

This is my penultimate choice, MAGIC MOMENTS. I think it follows on nicely from my third choice of 'dreams'. So, you haven't managed to achieve your dreams; BUT there will always be magic moments. Make the most of them.

This comment was uttered by our Lady M at the seminar at the UK Games Expo 2014. One of the audience picked it up and tweeted it. Most writers write for love more than money because many peeps think that books are or should be free. How they think authors live is a mystery to us. Anyway, to aspiring writers she made the point that it was magic moments which kept writers going like seeing the first book in print, making that first sale, the first person to pre-order the next book, becoming an author of books as opposed to a book, and the first sale abroad.

From that seminar she wrote this blog before Father's Day.


"There are magic moments in writing that keep you going"

At the Seminar with Tom Bryson and Dave McCall

Hello Everyone,

Lady M still here. Last week I told you about my experience at the UKGamesExpo and my phrase regarding magic moments had been tweeted as inspirational. I talked about those moments which kept one writing and persevering through numerous dark days.

This year I have been talking about making every moment count. You could say that I have a 'thing' about wasting time! I do feel that this life is short and we need to make the best of it and achieve what we can.

I started thinking about 'magic moments' in my life, other than writing... graduation day, 21st birthday, to mention two. Many others relate to moments spent with my Father. What are your magic moments? What keeps you going through life's tragedy? Would you care to share with us?

This Sunday is Father's Day. I, as usual, will be visiting my Father's grave. Many moments shared with him will flitter through my mind. For those of you who are fortunate enough  to be able to spend time with your Father on this day make those moments special!

                                              HAPPY FATHER'S DAY

Lady M



Donald (&Sofia) xxxx



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