Friday, 29 January 2016

Cure those January Blues!

Hello Everyone!

It's 29th January. Only two more days of this horrendous month and then it is February. I hope the tongue twisters, jokes and humorous quotations have helped. I thought for this final week of January I would resurrect my 'Cure those January blues'.

For years I found the 'January blues' hard to cope with and then I started to think of practical solutions in the hope that January would speed by and spring would come that much more quickly. Initially, one has to tell oneself that life is wonderful and convince oneself that one is really happy. Happiness comes from within and keep smiling. The positive act of smiling tells the brain that all is well.

Why should the parties all be over just because it is January? I found giving dinner parties a great idea. Everyone seemed to have free weekends and were as delighted at having somewhere to go as I was at having something to do; looking through recipes, buying the food and preparing delicacies. Also, I found I was quite popular after invitations had dropped on doormats in the aftermath of Christmas, dieting can  wait another week!

If you are tired of staying in and really want to go somewhere other than the theatre, cinema or a club in the hope that February will arrive more quickly there are places that are open all year round. Have you ever stepped inside your local museum or art gallery? For those interested in our past or heritage have a look at country houses and historical sites. Then there are leisure centres and an abundance of tourist places to visit. Buy yourself a present, flowers always cheer a home up particularly after decorations have been removed.

Okay, so finances are difficult but there are still many things that individuals or families can do together which do not cost anything. Have you thought of volunteering for charity work? Or just popping out for a walk? Neither of those options will cost anything. Look around your home. What have you all ready got which you may use that is free? Board games? Books which you've always meant to read? Or thought about popping along to the library? Libraries are a hive of activity and opportunities these days. Sewing or craft items that still need completing?

As a last resort there is always the computer or the television. There are loads of channels, in fact one is spoilt for choice.

So, whereever you are, whatever your situation, January will be over soon, but beating the blues until then is up to you. Happiness and content come from within. Be positive, keep smiling and remember to count your blessings.

Lady M


  1. I agree Lady M. Life is what you make of it. I like to do puzzles in the winter time. They take your mind off any blues since you are concentrating or where the pieces you need are. Living in Colorado is nice too. We might have cold days, but we are closer to the sun and it warms up nice on some days and you can take walks. I don't mind the cooler weather, i'm not one for summer's heat.

    1. Thanks Lisa, it's nice to know at least one other person thinks like me! Life is what you make it. Be happy and keep smiling. Jigsaw puzzles... great idea!