Friday, 26 February 2016

Sofia's Quiz

Howde Folks!

I hope you are enjoying your time with me. You may remember that Lady M gave Donald and I a new game to play in Love You Forever: Alphabet Sex!

We really enjoyed it. We took it in turns to decide on a place to visit, and have sex in full view of any audience. The more people around the more we enjoyed it knowing that they could not see us until we were in Rio at The Statue of Christ the Redeemer. We were the ones in for a surprise! We saw an elderly gentleman by the wall staring at us and then we realised that he could see us. This had never happened before. We soon understood. It was his time; we saw his late wife come for him and helped him cross over toward her.

Anyway, you can read all about it in Love You Forever but I was discussing this blog with Donald and asking him what I should do. He reminded me that Lady M does quizzes. That gave me an idea. We went to many places but what countries were they in? I'll give you the place... you name the country and as Lady M would say, "Answers next week".

Amsterdam? Holland/Netherlands
Las Vegas?U.S.A.
Memphis? U.S.A.
Oslo? Norway
Paris? France
Rio de Janeiro?Brazil, South America
Stanley?Falkland Islands (U.K.)
Taj Mahal?India
Union City, Utah?U.S.A.
Xenia?Ohio, U.S.A.
York?England (U.K.)

Yes, I know there are only 18, 8 are missing. Apparently, we did do them. Brenda, my mother recalls Amsterdam because we brought her some tulips but Lady M started us at J indicating that we had already completed A-H. It is a complete mystery to us. We've asked her but she refuses us to tell us. Is it a secret or is it that she does not know? Writers!

So folks, have a great week full of magical moments.

Love Sofia xxxxx


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