Friday, 20 May 2016

Lady M's May Quiz


Hello Everyone,

Friday 13th has been and gone...

It is now time for a quiz. I'm definitely philosophical and educational this month. Test your brains with these teasers. Answers, as always, next week.

1. Whose dying words are said to have been, "Kiss me, Hardy?" HORATIO NELSON

2. By what name was Norma Jean Baker better known? MARILYN MONROE

3. For what commodity is Billingsgate Market noted? FISH

4. At the start of a game of chess how many squares are empty? 32

5. What type of tree is commonly associated with Lombardy? POPLAR

6. What type of tree is commonly associated with Lebanon? CEDAR

7. What is an anchorite? A HERMIT

8. In which country is the city of Casablanca? MOROCCO

9. In which part of the body is the cerebellum? THE BRAIN

10.In which year did Newfoundland become part of Canada? 1949

11.In which country is the zloty the unit of currency? POLAND

12.What is the normal Fahrenheit body temperature? 98.4 F

13.How many players are there on each side in a game of American Football? 11

14.What is a Camberwell Beauty? A BUTTERFLY

15.What sort of creature is a porbeagle? A SHARK

16.In which country is Montreux? SWITZERLAND

17.What is a chickasaw? AN AMERICAN INDIAN

18.What sort of creature is a pipistrelle? A BAT

19.Which island was settled on by the mutineers of the Bounty in 1790? PITCAIRN ISLAND

20.Who wrote LOVE YOU FOREVER? (Lady M's trick question!) MARILYN L RICE

See you next week,

Love, Lady M xxxxxx


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