Friday, 6 May 2016

Time does not exist! So there!

 Hello everyone,

Well, it is the first week of May 2016. Yes, really. One third of this year has already gone, never to return. It is four months since last Christmas and New Year. There is a competition on the television for Christmas card designs. In the business world next Christmas is the topic of conversation. Can you believe it? Have you achieved all you intended doing in these first months of the year? Are you proud of achieving a 'first' in something? Have you reached the age where you are beginning to wonder where all the time has gone? As children an hour was a day and a month for ever. Now last year seems like only yesterday.

Do you have a favourite decade?

The FORTIES when it was war time, perhaps. A time of austerity and extremely uncertain future but also one of great comradeship...

The FIFTIES, there was still rationing in Britain and things were bleak but change was on the horizon. This was the time when the Russian and American space race began and the sputnik went into space. Do you remember the jubilation when the first animal, a dog was sent into space and it came back alive meaning that there was a possibility of man going up there?

The SIXTIES, the era of great change and freedom; the beginning of the permissive era and Woodstock. I can remember it so I guess I was not there! Neil Armstrong walked on the moon...

The SEVENTIES, platform heels, revolution in education, package holidays abroad and the beginning of Mrs. Thatcher's reign...

The EIGHTIES, The Falklands Conflict, George Bush became the American President, the Berlin Wall came down, 'The Satanic Verses' was published and Salman Rushdie became a household name...

The NINETIES, Nelson Mandela was freed after twenty-seven years in prison, and we all looked forward to the new Millennium.

My favourite decade has to be the sixties when mini-skirts came into fashion and Liverpool made its mark on the music scene with artists like Cilla and the Beatles. Maybe it's because those were my teenage years. Perhaps those years are truly the best years of our lives.
This week I am in philosophical mood and have decided that there is no such thing as 'time'. We created it for our convenience. Day, night and the seasons are fact not fiction and forces of nature to be accepted. Just look at my beautiful pic of sunset in Paphos above signalling the sun's departure before the moon and darkness appear. However, WE created hours, minutes and seconds. WE created a calendar to count the years, weeks and days. We invented clocks and watches to replace sundials. We created time! This thing we call 'time' does not change.  We do with age. Our opinions and thoughts change as a result of our experiences as we move on with our lives; hence the phrase which we created, "the wisdom of the years" Time does not speed up... we do as we try to accomplish more or slow down with age.
What if...
What if...
There is no such thing as time. Instead, we are all like computers programmed to run our course through the seasons, night and day until the end.
Or... what if this thing we name 'time' is really static? The Universe has been created and everything already planned. All the events of the decades I've mentioned were already in place and we just move through them!
Next week is Friday 13th May, a day when superstitious people like to stay in bed fearing disaster. Why? Why should that day be any different from any other?
So, this week I am leaving you with food for thought.
Have a great week. If things are not going well just think of the phrase, "Que sera, sera!" What will be, will be. You cannot change it, so try to accept it.
Lady M (Sofia & Donald xxxx)



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  1. Regarding your comments on friendship I heard a comment years ago that fits well: If you want to find friends, O be one! (from John Durham)