Friday, 19 May 2017

it's quiz time...5 MASTERMIND!

At the launch of LOVE YOU FOREVER

Hello Everyone,

I hope you enjoyed last week's quiz and did not have to resort to Google to recall the year of each event. I have quiz #5 for you; it is a mixed bunch of questions and I have called it Mastermind!

1. Who betrayed his Master with a kiss? JUDAS ISCARIOT

2. Who was the first President of the U.S.A?GEORGE WASHINGTON

3. What was a florin?2 SHILLING PIECE (10P) GBP CURRENCY

4. Which is the youngest of the three British fighting services?ROYAL AIR FORCE

5. Which acid is present in vinegar?ACETIC ACID

6. On which city was the first atomic bomb used in warfare dropped?HIROSHIMA, JAPAN

7. Which TWO planets are nearest the sun?MERCURY, VENUS

8. What do you call a baby whale?CALF

9. In which countries would you find the following newspapers?  a) Pravda, RUSSIA
     b)Figaro FRANCE

10. Who were the stars of the famous 'Road' films? DOROTHY LAMOUR, BOB HOPE, BING CROSBY

11. When and where was the last public execution in England?  26TH MAY 1868, OUTSIDE NEWGATE PRISON

12. Who was the sixth wife of Henry VIII?CATHERINE PARR

13. Who said, "I have nothing to declare except my genius"?OSCAR WILDE

14. Who wrote "A Farewell to Arms"?ERNEST HEMINGWAY

15. Where is the Lutine Bell?LLOYDS, LONDON

16. In which Square is St. Basil's Cathedral?RED SQUARE, MOSCOW

17. How many books are there in the Old Testament?39

18. What year was King George VI born? 14TH DECEMBER 1895

19. Which English football ground had a disastrous fire in 1985? BRADFORD

20. Who discovered she was Queen of England while at 'Tree Tops' in Africa?

21. What year was the first census in England?1801

22. Where are the British Tennis Championships held? WIMBLEDON

23. In which year did Israel first issue postage stamps? 1948

24. Which Italian explorer set out from Spain in 1492 to find a sea route to India?

25. Which liner collided with an iceberg and sank on her maiden voyage to New York? TITANIC

Happy brain teasing... Love Lady M xxxx

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