Friday, 12 May 2017

it's quiz time 4... What year?

Hello Everyone,

How did your proverbial skills cope last week?

All the following events are memorable but can you remember the year without the aid of Google?

1. Did John Glenn orbit the Earth? 1962

2. Was the Wall Street Crash?1929

3. Did Britain celebrate the Queen's Silver Jubilee?1977

4. Did Nelson Mandela become President of South Africa?1995

5. Did Howard Carter find the Tomb of Tutankhamen in Egypt?1924

6. Did President Nixon resign over Watergate?1974

7. Did England win the World Cup?1966

8. Did the German invasion of Poland start World War II? 1939

9. Did Prohibition begin in the USA?1920

10. Did Queen Victoria die? 1901

11. Did the Titanic sink?1912

12. Was the Princess of Wales killed in a car crash in Paris?1997

13. Did the Falklands 'conflict' take place?1982

14. Was President Kennedy assassinated in Dallas?1963

15. Was the Abdication of Edward VIII? 1936

16. Did Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tensing conquer Everest?1953

17. Was the Russian Revolution?1917

18. Did Elvis Presley die?1977

19. Did Concorde make its maiden flight?1969

20. Did the Battle of Britain take place?1940

Answers, next week!


Love to you all, Lady M xxxxx

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