Friday, 5 May 2017

It's quiz time 3... The Proverbial

Just a pretty pic. Sunset over Paphos.

Hello Everyone,

May is going to be a quiz month. How are you on proverbs? No cheating. Answers, as usual, next week.

1. Look before... you leap.

2. What's worth worth doing well.

3. More haste...less speed.

4. Every thing comes... to him who waits.

5. If at first you don't...succeed try, try again.

6. A stitch in time...saves nine.

7. Many hands make...light work.

8. Too many cooks...spoil the broth.

9. A rolling stone...gathers no moss.

10. A bird in the worth two in the bush.

11. All that not gold.

12. Two heads are...better than one.

13. Absence makes...the heart grow fonder.

14. An apple a day...keeps the doctor away.

15. In for a for a pound.

16. A new broom...sweeps clean.

17. There's no smoke...without fire.

18. Empty vessels...make the most sound.

19. Where there's a will...there's a way.

20. Still deep.

Life is like a carousel... go round and round until you are dizzy!

Love you all,

Lady M xxxx

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